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Project Management

In some cases, our clientele have asked to manage their projects directly on their behalf. With our database of metrics, reporting templates and flexibility to accommodate interfacing with a variety of developed infrastructures, ™Calibre has enjoyed the responsibility of managing construction projects for owners and constructors alike. We have adopted the most value added processes from the PMI®. This leaves ™Calibre's project management skills, software, and templates, in a position to accommodate simple projects, as well as more challenging ones, according to our client's desires.

Construction Management

From feasibility and constructability reviews through the design process, planning, estimating, scheduling and execution of the plan, through to commissioning, ™Calibre's construction managers are well versed in the full project life cycle so as to consider multiple stakeholders when making decisions with its clientèle. As a result, risks and opportunities are identified early on in the project so as to confidently budget the endeavour and manage the unforeseen tactfully.

Customized Project Controls

™Calibre's project team will customize our framework to match your expectations in terms of commodities, costs, and progress. These integrated reports (commodities, human resources, schedule, costs) allow for timely information distribution in order to maintain the pulse on the project.

Change Management

Together with our partners, we evaluate the changes to ensure value is proportionally added and assess the impacts (cost & schedule).


Along with baselining multi-discipline projects, the tracking of changes and variances in a timely fashion has proven to show great value to our partners in making timely decisions to optimize cost impacts.

Risk Mitigation and Recovery

™Calibre's team specializes in creative problem solving using their experience and input from stakeholders to handle slippages due to the unforeseen and design recovery plans to ensure timely delivery.

Engineering and Design

™Calibre's partners also benefit from the design and engineering experience of our team. ™Calibre's structural, mechanical and civil engineering backed by the drafting department produces first grade plans and drawings.

Scope Validation

Our team provides an in depth review to ensure that the scope of your project is well defined and appropriated.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance ™Calibre's quality control professionals work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that the products and services meet the requirements of the governing agencies through our quality management program.

Safety Coordination

™Calibre's safety professionals combine their experiences in working in many industries across the globe in order to bring the best practices to our partners along with cultural influence in managing construction projects.