"Our vision is to provide value added services to our partners to optimize the completion of projects by acquiring meaningful information to make advantageous decisions in a timely fashion."


The ™Calibre team members are aligned with the Code of Conduct so as to ensure ethical conduct in all aspects of our services. Our professionals are often members of self-regulated professional organizations as well..


™Calibre demonstrates respect for its staff, partners and stakeholders through fair practices and timely communications so as to ensure that all parties are well represented in the decision making process.


Accountability ™Calibre protects the interest of its partners by being accountable for their recommendations through peer reviews, mentorship programs and performance reviews based largely on lessons learned input from stakeholders.


™Calibre's philosophy on success places teamwork at the top of the priority list. ™Calibre and its partners succeed as a team in making the best decisions with the best possible information at hand.


™Calibre operates in a professional manner with its partners by delivering on its promises, demonstrating excellence in execution, and using fundamental processes and procedures to do so in a repeatable, timely fashion.